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November 19th, 2023 Service

November 20, 2023, 6:00 AM
2023, November 2023

Hello friends! We hope y'all are having a very blessed Monday!

We are proud to announce we have uploaded last Sunday's service to our YouTube page in full. 😊✝

For this service, Pastor Fred assembled a special Thanksgiving sermon, titled Abundantly Blessed, Deeply Grateful. As this was a sermon special for Thanksgiving, this marks the first and only week covering this topic.
We also sang hymns "Faith is the Victory", "Until Then", and "Give Thanks". Hymn "Faith is the Victory" is taken out of the 1991 edition of the Baptist Hymnal.

Come join us for our Thanksgiving potluck dinner next Sunday (11/26)!
Bring your favorite dishes, desserts — anything that reminds you of the season!
Everyone is welcome!

Watch the service premiere at 11AM, or check it out any time in the future at the link below.

If you'd like to come join us in-person, you can check out our schedule here.


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